The Ultimate Guide to Ball Stretching: Enhance Your Pleasure and Confidence

The Ultimate Guide to Ball Stretching: Enhance Your Pleasure and Confidence

Doesn't it feel great to tug on your balls? Feel that stretch? Feel your nuts strain against the pressure the closer you get to orgasm? Ball stretching on its own feels great, but with the addition of a stretcher, you can take your pleasure and confidence to the next level.

Why Stretch Your Balls?

I've been stretching my balls for about five years now. I love it for stroking my dick when I'm alone, pounding butt, and getting my cock worshiped. This guide encompasses all the tips that I have learned while pulling my balls to body-shaking, reality-distorting orgasms. Your orgasms will become incredibly intense. You may, in fact, not want to go back to sex without ball stretchers ever again.

Gear UP!

Choosing the Right Material

Silicone is the way to go. When selecting a ball stretcher, you need to choose your material wisely. Silicone is durable, flexible, and comfortable.

Size Matters

Toys come in multiple sizes for both diameter and length. Finding the right fit is crucial for a pleasurable experience.

Texture and Shape Considerations

Texture: There are thick and firm stretchers, and some are thin and blubbery. Choose according to your preference.

Shape: Most ball stretchers are perfectly straight, inside and out, but you can find some that are rounded or curved for varying pressure and pleasure.

Recommended Brand

Ox Balls: This brand has been my go-to. While other brands may also be good, I can only vouch for the quality and pleasure provided by Ox Balls.

Stretching Tips

Lubrication and Moisturization

Use something thick like The Butters Aloe X Shea or Palm Grease to prevent chafing and help your skin stretch further. Without proper lubrication, you are likely to experience discomfort in your skin. Thicker lubes will last longer. 

Take It Slow

You don't want to damage your balls by stretching them too far too quickly. About 1 inch farther than normal is a good starting point. Ideally, you would have something easy to get on and off.

Discomfort vs. Pain

Embrace the discomfort, but pain is an absolute no-go. The discomfort goes away after three to five times. As you stretch further, you will still experience more discomfort, but it should never be painful.


Ball Stretchers as Underwear

Ball stretchers can replace underwear. I stopped wearing underwear years before I started stretching my balls. They make my balls more pronounced and give me a confidence boost, similar to a push-up bra for your balls.

Visual Enhancement

Access more of your meat: Pulling the scrotal tissue is perhaps the best way to make your penis look more pronounced. It doesn't necessarily add length but will make your dick look more pronounced.

Comfort and Duration

Wearing a ball stretcher will become more uncomfortable when you're less aroused. However, you can wear them for as long as it’s comfortable. With experience, you will find a combination of lubrication, moisture, and toy that works for you.


Long-Term Changes

Your sack will become bigger, permanently. Your balls won't necessarily hang lower when out of the ball stretcher, but your dick skin will stretch, giving a feel similar to being uncircumcised. You will experience harder erections and longer orgasms, sometimes 5 to 10 times longer.

Reaching Your Goals

If you're aiming for a specific stretch goal, you can expect two to three times the stretch, depending on your biology. My balls naturally hang about 3.5 to 4 inches when fully extended and I can stretch them to about 9 inches total.

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