The Truth Behind The Butters Moisturizer, Lube Texture Changes


Hi, I’m Jerome aka Mr. Butters at The Butters Hygienics Co. I make everything here and today I wanted to give you a little bit of information about something that is actually our number one question that we get about the butters: why does it change texture?


So, the one thing you need to know about The Butters is that all of our lubes are 100 percent natural. They don't have any emulsifiers they don't have any um like whipping agents or additives or anything like that. They're perfectly natural. Because of that they're essentially like icing. So, like the icing you buy from a store, when it's made in the factory is oh my god it's so perfectly whipped it's shiny it's beautiful. When you get it from the store it is almost never like that.


It's just something that happens with whipped products. Over time they just lose volume and it's something that you can't really control.


So that's one change. Now the secondary change is just something that happens with natural fats and that is texture changes. So, let's show you a couple. So here I have the butters lube right. This is our first product ever. In fact, this is the one that I shot um I shot our uh birthday video with or photos with, so I don't even know what's happening with this. This was back in May or June okay.


So, look here this one has obviously been through a little heat it's been a little deflated, but it is still perfectly fine. Right so you can see that there's a bit of clumpiness to it right this is going to happen with temperature changes over time but perfectly smooth. See the product isn't going bad it's just changing shea butter does this palm butter does this coconut oil does this the butter like milk butter in your fridge does this it's super common.


Let's move on to palm grease now this one I have here with a couple of different textures, and these are all from my personal bedroom and yes, I use palm grease. I love palm grease.


So, I’m gonna start here because this one's the smoothest and this one's the roughest. So, we're gonna start here this one is basically factory perfect or like butters workroom perfect right there's just a tiny bit of like the um the clumping that happens over time no problem melts super easy


Next this one has a bit more clump. You can see them they're slightly bigger right now this one will also melt just fine when you actually heat it up right. So, it gets clear, shiny, no problems


Now this one is the clumpiest one that you'll probably ever get. Um and it looks a bit like that right. Lots of big, big clumps and if you kind of swirl it in your fingers a little bit you'll see that the clumps are still there right. However, and yes, because you know I have this new tattoo I’m just gonna put it all over so you can actually see that every bit of this will melt if you actually use it and melt it.


There's absolutely nothing wrong with this product. Beautiful. It melts so smooth so clean at all stages. Here's one of the medium, perfect. And this is the most normal one, perfect.


Okay now I want to actually show you about show you another texture change that I know about that most people don't even notice. And this one is one where lavender has an interesting um effect on the butters wherein it keeps it smoother for some reason. I don't know why I think it's just a chemistry thing. Chemistry's cool. We love science here at the butters, okay. We love science.


Right so we take it you see it's actually smoother than the butters right they were made about the same time. So why is that lavender so you take it and it's basically like I just made it why does it do that I don't know actually. If you if you guys know, if someone out there knows why lavender helps it do this, please tell me. I would love to find out. But I’ll just show you. Let's see is there a space that's not buttered on my arm. Here I’ll put it on my on my bird flap. So smooth right.


It's just a fact of having natural products natural products have variances and they're perfectly normal. I know that oftentimes if you're coming from um traditional products that are made in you know big factories or stuff that are using a lot of additives and things, you're going to be very used to having this very consistent experience. But when it comes to natural products you should be prepared for natural changes. It is these natural you know variations and differences and from batch to batch or you know temperatures and whatnot that actually let you know that what you're getting is authentic.


The truth is when you take away the natural properties of some of these products you lose kind of verification like on a personal level whether or not the product is good quality. With our products you can actually see the natural fats doing their natural thing, so you know for a fact that what you're getting is real it is authentic. And is actually going to be great for you so don't worry about texture changes. If it gets gritty, if it melts, it is always going to work perfectly.


If it melts put it in the fridge. If it's too gritty and you want to get that perfect texture back, you can just whip it up again. It's perfectly fine. Just like you would with um like you know Duncan Hines icing from the store. If you really want to get it to spread perfectly after it's been sitting on the shelf for a couple of months, you're going to have to spread it or whip it up and that is same thing here. Natural products are natural. They change, they vary but they're still flipping amazing.


Thank you so much for watching peace and moisture to all of you Mr. Butters Out

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