The startling hidden truth of arousal creams

The startling hidden truth of arousal creams

As a sex educator and dedicated lubesmith, I get asked about arousal creams roughly daily. Usually, people want to know which one works best or do they even work at all. Well, short answer: Nope. Just get CBD lube.


Long answer:

There are no products on the market that have been FDA approved to aid in arousal response. Even drugs like Cialis and Viagra simply mimic the physical symptoms of arousal by dilating blood vessels, allowing for more blood flow.


The startling hidden truth of arousal creams

In my experience, arousal creams are across the board a fraud unless they include CBD. Common creams usually work in one of two ways. Either they have some sort of irritant like mint or capsaicin (the active ingredient in hot peppers), or they require you to massage them into your genitals for long periods.

If they use an irritant, you aren’t going to be aroused you’re going to be irritated. Your body will respond with warmth and swelling, which mimics the arousal response. In reality it is nothing more than your body freaking out, wondering why you would do such a horrible thing to it.

If they require the massage application, they are selling you lube and telling you to stimulate your genitals. You’re doing the arousal. The same arousal you could do with some spit or lube that doesn’t cost $20/oz.

On the other hand, CBD lube is much more affordable than most traditional arousal creams and actually works! I’ve been in the sex ed biz since 2009. I’ve seen a million fad products and straight up lying-ass skeezers peddling mineral oil as life changing lube. But CBD is that girl. She is the moment. I mean come on now.

I’ve talked at length about how CBD lube made my sex life better. But the TL;DR is I have more control over my own orgasms, have multiple orgasms, stronger erections, longer mental arousal, increased sexual desire, and a more positive outlook on life. Yeah, it literally was like a Viagra commercial, but it actually happened!


Placebos can work

Although traditional creams do not do practically work as they claim, if you find they work for you then, by all means, keep using them. We do all sort things every day in the name of tradition and superstition. In the kitchen, I throw salt over my shoulder, even though it has no purpose and only causes me to be annoyed when I step on the crystals.

There is no reason, if it makes you feel good, why you can’t pay for glorified lube. Although I would also Highly recommend CBD infused lube, even if it isn’t our because that does actually work.


More tips for better arousal

If you feel you need assistance with becoming or staying aroused before or during sex, you could massage your genitals, but without the expensive creams. You could also try reading erotica, watching porn, talking dirty, or using sex toys such as a vibrator or dildo. Although, I would highly recommend CBD lube added to the mix for that oomph.  

If you find that those things don’t work, try a bit of sensory deprivation. Sight and sound are the two most common ways we interact with the world. Use a blindfold and earmuffs or earplugs to remove those senses. It will heighten smell, touch, and taste, which are all arguably more useful during sex.

You should also keep in mind that vagina-owners do not usually respond as quickly to pleasurable stimuli as penis-owners. BUT don’t ever be surprised that a penis-owner needs a longer time either. I can personally attest to the pressure these flippant comparisons can bring up in people. So, let’s make sure we’re offering everyone what they need to get where they’re going, and you’ll be surprised how much you’ll get when you get there.


Do you have any more tips for arousal or experience with arousal creams?

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