The power couple lie

The power couple lie

The concept of a "power couple" is a popular one in our culture. Many people aspire to be part of a Beyond & Jay-Z style dynamic duo that dominates both the personal and professional realms. However, the truth is that the power couple is a myth. In reality, most relationships are characterized by some degree of inequality, with one partner taking on more responsibility in certain areas the bestow more social power while the other focuses on different aspects of life.

It's important to understand that unequal relationships are completely normal for humans. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, and we often share the load to make things easier. For example, when successful people get married, one partner may choose to stop working in order to focus on making a home and enjoying the benefits of that lifestyle. This is not a sign of weakness but rather a decision that makes sense for the couple as a whole. Kids do better when raised in a two-parent household where one stays home.

Unfortunately, many people fear being the "lesser" partner in a relationship. They worry that being submissive or taking on traditional homemaker roles will make them less valuable or less respected in the eyes of society. However, this fear is misguided. In reality, being the less powerful partner can be incredibly relaxing and fulfilling. Responsibility is stressful & dangerous to the point it historically lowers men’s life expectancy, even though we typically dominate society. By sharing the load with a partner, you can enjoy a more relaxed and happy life.

It's important to remember that being the "lesser" partner in a relationship does not mean you are less valuable or less important. In fact, having a strong and loving relationship is one of the best things in life. It brings real happiness and a sense of fulfillment that cannot be found in external sources of power or status. It’s simply the tradeoff for choosing your role.

Without partners who are willing to take on different roles and responsibilities, the world would function much more slowly and be a lonelier place. No matter your role, you are an essential part of the team that makes life full and satisfying.

The power couple is a myth, and unequal relationships are completely normal and healthy. By embracing your role in your relationship and recognizing the importance of both partners, you can build a strong and fulfilling life together. So don't fear being the "lesser" partner – instead, embrace your unique strengths and contributions, and enjoy the many benefits of a loving and supportive relationship.

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