The Evolution of Love: From New Relationship Energy Beginnings to Lasting Comfort

The Evolution of Love: From New Relationship Energy Beginnings to Lasting Comfort

The Evolution of Love: From Intense Beginnings to Lasting Comfort


When I first met my now ex Bubby, the whirlwind of emotions I experienced was enough to send shivers down my spine. The intensity of those feelings left me slightly apprehensive. However, as time marched on, those emotions gradually evolved, and I found myself in a different place. Today, I'm content to see him and spend time together, but that initial fervor of love has undoubtedly settled down. And that's perfectly fine; the initial spark in a relationship is like fireworks—it dazzles briefly before fading into the night.


NRE Phase

In the initial two months of Bubby and me being together, it felt like I was floating on air. It was a brand new experience for me, having never been in a relationship before, and the overwhelming happiness was a delightful surprise. Despite my usual inclination to keep my emotions tightly under control, I made a conscious choice to let go and immerse myself in the moment.


During those first two months, time seemed to move at a different pace. We created our own little world, blissfully ignorant of the outside noise. We'd lounge around my apartment, basking in the emotional high and sharing an abundance of intimate moments. But then, our first disagreement happened, and it served as a gentle reminder that there was a world beyond our bubble. While our sanctuary remained intact, the outside world began to regain its clarity.


The Bloom is Off the Rose

I wouldn't say that the fight was a major dent in our otherwise smooth-sailing relationship, but it did tarnish the bright sheen of our connection a bit. In the immediate aftermath of the argument, I didn't feel particularly warm and fuzzy. It took about a week to rekindle those feelings, but they were never quite the same—an observation that became apparent only with a bit of distance.


Now, approaching our six-month mark, our relationship no longer glistens like a pristine sports car fresh off the lot. It's accumulated some well-earned scratches and dents, making it feel more lived-in. For many, this natural evolution might be alarming, and I'm no exception.


A few days ago, I realized that my feelings for Bubby had lost some of their initial intensity, and I panicked momentarily. The fear of falling out of love with him crept in. After all, we had our fair share of fights and challenges to overcome, which left me genuinely concerned that frustration had eroded my affection. I even contemplated ending the relationship to prevent an unpleasant ending.


But once the panic subsided, I took an honest look back at our journey. It was undeniable that something had changed. The wild torrent of feelings had transformed into a sense of comfort. The roller coaster ride had transitioned into a cozy familiarity.


I couldn't help but draw parallels with the way I feel about new gadgets. At first, it's infatuation, with everything about it being thrilling and exciting. However, as time goes on, that excitement evolves into familiarity. Tasks become easier because I've come to understand all its quirks and flaws. Despite the change in my initial fervor, my affection remains unwavering, and I still want it in my life.


Similarly, I want Bubby in my life now more than ever. As we've grown together, so has our relationship. It's the natural order of things—everything mellows with time, be it wine, puppies, homes, cars, cheese, meat, or relationships.


Young love is undeniably exhilarating, but it lacks the depth that sustains a relationship over the long haul. The initial rush of a new relationship serves as a temporary adhesive while the emotional bond strengthens. It's a captivating distraction, but it's not meant to last forever. So, by all means, savor it, because it's an incredible feeling. Just be aware that change is an integral part of the journey, and that's perfectly okay. In fact, it's often for the best.

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