The EASY 2 Product Natural Hair Care Miracle!

The EASY 2 Product Natural Hair Care Miracle!

Look I hate doing my own hair but would rather be caught dead than looking a mess. So, I've spent the last 4 years trying to figure out the absolute easiest way to do my little 2 strand twists or whatever. It has to keep my hair clean, healthy, shiny, curly, bouncy, dense, soft, orderly, & fly AF. A tall order but you know we love a challenge. And this one got it's ass kicked!

Behold: Keep It Juicy Nourishing Mask w/ Rhassoul X Pomegranate Seed Oil

The rich Earth, deeply penetrating, cleansing without stripping, highly moisturizing, scalp soothing, root lubricating, curl enhancing, itch reliving hair mask you need in your life.


Marvel at: Keep It Juicy Spray-on Leave-In Sealing Conditioner w/ Apricot Kernel & Jojoba Oils

The fast absorbing, follicle softening, end sealing, shine enhancing, crown honoring, spray on, leave in conditioner of your dreams.

In Just 5 steps, with 2 products, you too can do your hair, grow it long and healthy all while putting in as little work as humanly possible. It's my greatest achievement yet!

Here's what you do:

1. Wet your hair and apply hair mask.

2. Rinse thoroughly

3. Allow your hair to air dry until damp

4. Spray on conditioner

5. Style

Like, honestly what brand has your back like The Butters? None!

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