The best lube for anal adventures

The best lube for anal adventures

Let’s face it, finding the perfect lube for anal is… difficult.

Years back, when I was just a lowly sex blogger, I was asked what’s the best lube for anal. At the time, I championed Boy Butter as the worthiest choice. Since then, things have changed dramatically. The once formidable king of the hill has been supplanted by a pair of all natural, 100% vegan, long-lasting, pH balancing, wonder twins: The Butters Lube & Palm Grease!

Yes, I make The Butters and that means I’m incredibly biased. Still, it was after 7 years testing lubes professionally, I decided to make something better for a couple reasons: traditional lubes cost a lot, even though you have to use a lot; they’re often filled with BS. Now, 13 years in, not much has changed in the industry – even though we’ve seen many competitors pop up and disappear.

That leave The Butters: Lube. With its great conductivity, perfect balance of slick versus tactile, tear prevention, tissue softening, extra-long endurance and versatility for even kinkier play!

The best anal of your life costs less than Netflix

Those other lubes have some catching up to do. Even still, let me give you some more details about why The Butters is the reigning best in ass.


An 8oz tub of The Butters: Lube cost just $21 shipped. That’s 2 months’ worth of daily butt stuff for just $10.50/mo. or $0.35 per pounding. The best anal of your life costs less than Netflix. Even if you want the CBD versions, the cost isn’t that much more but you will get access to a world of orgasm inducing benefits.


I’m not super homo-pathic or whatever, but I like to keep things as simple as possible. That’s partially why I got fed up paying the high prices for other lubes. If I’m paying that much, I deserve better quality.

Take Boy Butter for example, theirs is only partly natural and the ingredients are kind of confusing: Partially Hydrogenated Vegetables Oils, Glycerin, Polysorbate 60, Tecoheryl Acetate, Glyceryl Stearate, Phenyl Trimethicone. On the other hand, The Butters is all-natural, vegan and made to work perfectly with your body. I use only 9 ingredients in The Butters: pure organic aloe vera juice, raw grade a golden Ghanaian shea butter, pure coconut oil, pure extra virgin olive oil, pure grapeseed oil, pure palm kernel oil, pure soybean oil, apple cider vinegar.

There’s no sugar/glycerin to cause yeast infections. Nothing you have to Google to understand. These ingredients are time tested for bodily benefits and I think that’s pretty damn dope.


Boy Butter’s endurance could be a lot better. Now, this isn’t a knock against Boy Butter alone. In fact, almost all lubes don’t last as long as I want them to. That’s why I make sure The Butters will stay slippery through before work quickies and midafternoon marathons. I’ve even got video evidence to prove it.

Overall Performance:

Endurance isn’t the only goal for lube performance, it should also help you feel more connected with your partner. With its unique collection of oils, The Butters melts just below body temp – meaning it’s creamy texture melts quickly to a thin, tactile yet slippery coating. That coating doesn’t mean you have to worry about an oily or sticky build up because your body can absorb and use every ingredient in The Butters.

Made for your body:

Being able to absorb The Butters is crucial to it working so well. The ingredients all have unique properties that make them suited for use in lube. Most notably, though, soybean oil’s skin healing, grapeseed’s anti-inflammatory, and shea’s conditioning work together to prevent tears in the anus and heal the ones that do happen quicker. They work by simply making the anal tissue softer, stronger, and more flexible.

Palm Grease, on the other hand, melts above body temp. It has more of a thick, plush, juicy feel. It completely coats your insides for a deliciously buttery butt hole. Either way, not only will those insides be ready to for action, but they’ll also feel better than ever. Soft, plush, buttery insides are the best. The Butters will help yours stay that way.


One of my favorite activities, even though I don’t do it nearly often enough. In the past, I’ve resorted to using Crisco to avoid spending a fortune on traditional lubes for fisting fun. It’s definitely a classic. But it’s also goopy, takes forever to melt or wash away. Luckily, The Butters Lube & Palm Grease are thick enough to survive elbow deep fun time. Plus, The Butters blend with your natural lubrication, which will only make things easier and more fun.

Possible Negatives:

Even though it's really great for anal, it's not so great with latex condoms. Sadly, non-latex condoms are harder to find in stores and some don't like ordering online. It's not too much hassle but it can be it can be a hurdle for many valid reasons.

Luckily, there's a whole wide world of magnum non-latex condoms available at Lucky Bloke including the female/internal condoms I've raved about. They didn't pay me to say/link that, I just like their shop and management from our work in the past. Also, I think you might find a preference for non-latex condoms. The ones I've used always seem to hug my dick a little better.

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