Master Lip Care in 1 Easy Step

Master Lip Care in 1 Easy Step

Lip skin is some of the most unique tissues on the body. It’s the thinnest, with just three to four layers versus about 15 found other places on the body. It also does not sweat or create its own oils, hence why it's so delicate. This is also why choosing the right lip balm to care for your delicate tissues is so crucial. Here six reasons why The Butters Lip Balm is better than every other lip balm on the planet!


Soaks & Coats

Unlike many lip balms that just sit on top of your lips to make a thick protective barrier, our lip balm is designed to both soak in and provide a protective barrier. the thinner oils in it like grapeseed oil, provide that ability to penetrate the thin delicate lip tissue. while the thicker oils like Shea butter, cocoa butter, and farm fresh beeswax, provide a pliable almost invisible coating that protects your lips from the elements.


Great for Sensitive Skin Types

Almost everyone at The Butters has some kind of weird lip thing. My lips are prone to cracking and can’t handle any alcohols or harsh chemicals, even the natural safe kind. Zanita suffers from eczema. Ondrea is allergic to roughly everything. Thomas is just unfortunately thin lipped. It works for all of us. It’s actually one of the most universal products we make, despite the essential oils.


Prevents and repairs cracking

Let's be honest most of us just wait until our lips are already chapped to apply lips stuff versus being preemptive about it. I know I definitely do even though I own a company that makes lip balm. So, the way most lip balms behave which is creating a coating on the skin doesn't actually help when your lips are already cracked.

Our lip balm on the other hand is designed to actually heal your lips completely, make them more pliable immediately. Plus, the longer you use it the less likely it is that you'll get cracks even when it's not actually applied. Yes, our lip balm, like all our products, work so well that you will still fill the results when they're not actually on your skin. We're here to support your actual health versus just making you look good.


Taste & Smell

the butters lip balm smells so good you will want to eat it. It's got this unique blend of sweet orange, blood orange, grapefruit, lime, lemon, and supreme peppermint all mixed with the natural scents of the oils that it's made with. So, we're talking that fruity citrus explosion over a cocoa butter, honey, Shea butter base. It's absolutely heavenly. Out of this world delicious. You absolutely need this in your pocket, purse, car, bathroom, wherever the hell you are at all times. And you'll want to give it to your friends and family.

Natural Ingredients

So I'm just going to read off the ingredients and I want you to stop me when I get to something that you don't think would be great on your lips: cocoa butter, Shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, Sustainably sourced organic palm oil, soybean oil, Jojoba oil, Carrot seed  oil, Raspberry seed oil, cucumber seed oil, vitamin E, citrus and mint essential oils, and natural flavor. You didn't stop me so I'm just going to move on from this paragraph 'cause my point has been made.


Perfect for all weather

When I designed our lip balm, are all natural and all organic complete care anti-aging lip balm to be precise, I made sure this mofo was gonna work from spring through summer fall and winter. I even made sure it would go through Michigan’s construction season. It is guaranteed not to melt in your car, nor will it be too hard for you to apply in the coldest weather. You cannot say that about basically any other lip balm on the market.


Other Uses

Even though it's an absolutely phenomenal lip balm, like all of our all-natural products it has a ton of other uses as well. Cuticle Care, Lip Primer, Nipple Care, and Sore Nose Soother Are the most common. I personally use it for cuticle care a lot because when I'm out and about my hands will get dry and the nailbeds will start cracking. The thickness of the lip balm really does help them if I can't get home to butters. Funny enough are nail cuticle oil also doubles as a lip balm. Zanita uses the lip balm as a lip primer under her lipsticks and glosses.

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