Kick winter dry skin in the ash!

Kick winter dry skin in the ash!

Our body moisturizers set the standard for luxury & moisture that stays. With our new Anti-Aging Toning Body Moisturizer we just raised the bar!

Bring the best of our facial care genius to the rest of your deserving body. Feel the difference.

Organic unrefined fair-trade cocoa butter, retinol, vitamin E, rosehip, hyaluronic acid, red raspberry AND cucumber seed oil combine to make the best Butters money can buy! Plus, with an ungodly delicious lemon vanilla custom oleoresin blend it smells better than any Butters we’ve ever made. Better than butter on Earth*!

This 4oz Jar of The Best Butters on Earth, is enough to last you about 3 months. Costs just $27 and during our Shop Black Black Friday Promotion, ships 100% free.


PROMOTION ENDS 12/2/2020 11:59PM!

Free Shipping on Orders $25+

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Free Expedited Shipping & $10 off Orders $60+

Free Expedited Shipping & $25 off Orders $100+

If you’re looking at this product and saying to yourself, I already have Butters but this sounds amazing, consider using our Anti-Aging Facial Toner on your body! The 16oz spray bottle is perfect for this application! We’re just here to keep you moisturized, make you laugh, and give ya something to think about.

*Plutonians or Mercurians might have us beat, their weather is cray. But Pluto isn’t even a planet every other decade and trade with Mercury hasn’t been set up, so it’s kind of irrelevant. BTW did you know The Butters is a Gemini ♊ born 6/4?

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