From Bong Rips to Bonding: How Weed Can Strengthen Your Relationship

From Bong Rips to Bonding: How Weed Can Strengthen Your Relationship

It may surprise you – because I’m so judgmental, jk – that I am totally pro pot. In fact, I’m proud to classify myself as a stoner. While my current landlord’s in-house smoking ban has really put a damper on my habit, I still enjoy it as often as possible.

One of the things I most admire about my friend Mary is her ability to bring people together. Never in my life have I found more comradery than among the avid stoner crowd. Bong rips and late night trips to Taco Bell have this way of really bonding people together.

"Cannabis can help address the things that get in the way of pleasure, connection, and intimacy," says Ashley Manta (@TheCannasexual). "things like feeling disconnected from one's body, performance anxiety, or discomfort."

In fact, I am a huge advocate for people in relationships to toke out together.

When you’re in a relationship, you want to try to have time to just exist together. Lying on the bedroom floor sharing a blunt and some hot wings is one of those quality moments that builds strong bonds and intimacy between partners. Other social intoxicants – alcohol, coffee, nicotine – don’t usually make that happen.

They all usually result in your body feeling uncomfortable, anyway. No one really feels like starting a spontaneous orgy when they got rumbling tummy from coffee and cigarettes. With marijuana, though, you usually feel more positive and optimistic than usual, which is much more conducive to make random cuddle piles happen.

Weed is unique in its ability to make people smile and loosen up – it’s a mood lifter and a muscle relaxer. It also tends to help people connect with the sensations of their body and mind.

For me, it helps me to appreciate time more, increases my lagging sex drive and appetite, helps me focus and opens my mind to accepting new possibilities. In fact, I credit my smoking weed and related social interactions with helping me become a happier, kinder, more empathetic and loving person.

"To maximize the benefits, it's best to take a "less is more" approach. One puff, one low dose (under 5mg) edible, or a non-intoxicating option like topicals or suppositories," says Manta.

By loving, I mean both willing to love and ready to fuck. Weed doesn’t make you horny but the relaxation means your body is more prepared to get aroused. It’s primed for positive sensations and, without their usual tension, your muscles will be able to work for longer periods.

Filling your lungs with the dankest Detroit kush isn’t for everyone – some people prefer west coast weed, I don’t judge. If the smoking itself is the problem, look into a vaporizer or edibles. Hell, if you’ve never smoked before, the adventure of procuring the bud and the required  tools can be a bonding experience on its own.

Keep it blazin’ and keep it sexy.


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