Exercise and The Fatty: Top 20 gym tips for comfort & success

Exercise and The Fatty: Top 20 gym tips for comfort & success

I weigh about 420lbs and yet have my big ass in the gym comfortably 3x week. The important part of that is comfortably. For a lot of fellow fatties, just the idea of sweating is uncomfortable, and we’d rather die. I feel you. But there are solutions and here they are!


1.     Get flat shoes without excess padding and insoles for your specific foot issues. The reason, there’s basically no shoes designed to carry more than 200lbs. So, if you’re a fellow fatty, the more ground connection the better. I went with NoBull high tops. They work super well and are durable for hard workouts. I get my insoles from amazon based on the reviews. I prefer firm ones for arch support, but you may just need cushioning or heel support.  

2.     Don’t make this about weight. Weight loss is slow and boring. If you’re working out right, it’s likely your weight loss will be a little delayed, but you’ll feel more functional and healthier sooner. Enjoy those benefits and you’ll get to your weight loss goals.

3.     Get a good sweat absorbing headband. This is honestly one of the most important tips I can give you. I rarely see folks utilizing this useful tool, but I love them. I even use them in the summer. I’m a sweaty ho but I can make it feel better.

4.     Utilize an anti-chafing cream like Thick N Slide if you find your thighs rub too much.

5.     Avoid supplements and huge diet changes early. You don’t know what you’re deficient in or what you really need until you talk to a dietician. Please avoid going your own here. They will absolutely know better than you or any Instagram meal planner. Yes, that includes upping your protein intake. If you’re fat, it’s likely you’re suffering from disordered eating. It usually takes an outside influence to make consistent lifelong changes.

6.     Despite what I just said, if you suffer from cramps, get some potassium salt to supplement your diet. You can also eat bananas, but this is more efficient. I use No-Salt brand Salt Alternative, which is potassium salt.

7.     Remember sweat does not = weight loss. You breathe burned calories out, not sweat them out. I know that sounds crazy, but we literally burn calories and breathe out the waste product. Sometimes you can feel this in your breath after a workout. If you find yourself coughing at a certain point during the workout, you’re probably reacting to the fat exhaust lol.

8.     Dress comfortably. You do not need to be wearing sweats. Be as naked as possible to let your body cool itself. If you’re uncomfortable letting your fat body be seen, go ahead and try both options. If you still want to be covered after experiencing the relief of having your bat wings and back rolls ventilated, then be my guest.

9.     You don’t need to be exhausted or sore to get a good workout. Sincerely, it’s ok to feel refreshed and energetic after the gym. The point is to live better not suffer more. Try mixing up really tough workouts with breezy but effective ones. You’ll have more fun.

10.  Get high – smoke some weed before the gym to boost your mood and resilience to pain.

11.  Get dressed early – On gym days, I get dressed in gym clothes immediately. That way, when I’m ready to go, I’m ready to go.

12.  Take a nap – I often find them gym more efficient after I wake up but going in the morning doesn’t always suit my schedule. So, I’ve started napping and then going. Sometimes, I’ll go get food, smoke my vape and nap a little in the car before going in.

13.  Don’t get sidetracked by injury. Get back in the gym ASAP and work what you can. I hurt my hip and hit upper body. I got hernia surgery and worked legs.

14.  No matter what you think, you have a weak ass and tight hip abductors. Your abs are also probably weak if you’ve got a big belly. Focus on these more than you think you should.

15.  Use a fan. Seriously, you’ll perform better for longer. Body temperature is the number 1 reason we start to slow down. If you’re at home, turn up the AC or get a powerful fan. Try working out outside when it’s cool. I love long walks in the Michigan winter cause my body stays at a perfect temperature. I refuse to exert myself when the temp is above like 65F though.

16.  Weights are your friend, but they don’t have to be super heavy. Muscle and strength can be built through lighter weight and higher reps. Weight/resistance also helps with form and muscle activation in general. As a fatty or a person with a sedentary lifestyle, waking up your muscles and preventing/repairing chronic atrophy is crucial to making you feel better.

17.  Stop when you’re tired. Seriously, don’t keep pushing yourself forever. Even if you don’t complete your list of stuff, just do your best. If you find that you can’t do it all repeatedly, try trimming the list of reducing your overall intensity. Shows like The Biggest Loser are not at all what you should be aiming for.

18.  Try every damn machine. Seriously, try them all. You may hate treadmills (like me) but love an elliptical. Or a stair stepper or a row machine or whatever else they’ve got available. At most public gyms there’s someone willing to show you how they work if you need help.

19.  Utilize YouTube! OMG this is so damn useful. Simply search how to do anything and you’ll find 40 videos on the topic. One of them is bound to be filled with useful info presented how you want it.

20.  Get some rest! Seriously, we work harder than fit or skinny people. We need to rest and recover in between workouts. Utilize the massage beds and all the features of your gym membership.

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