Covid UPDATES - How to claim your $1200, prevent infection, & enjoy spring

Covid UPDATES - How to claim your $1200, prevent infection, & enjoy spring

Shit's fucked. So, to unfuck it a lil bit, I've put together some resources I feel are important to you and yours.



That $1200 is coming sooner than you think. Visit:


Important notes:

  • It's not taxable

  • It's not an advance on your tax return

  • You do not have to file your taxes, if you wouldn't have to otherwise

  • If you don't claim it, it'll show up on your 2020 tax return

  • If you do file or have Medicare, you will be directed that way first



I feel empowered by simple info. Here's the ONLY source I'm using. 



It's almost spring. People will do what they do, regardless or larger events. Plus, I understand that, in many ways, this restriction of freedom feels like the effects of terrorism, which makes folks wanna rebel. I’m folks. So, if you're going to be having close physical contact, please follow these simple added rules:

  • Keep your number of partners as low as possible. We'll be in this for a while. My therapist suggested we find one other person to stick with for the duration, if you don’t already have a partner.

  • Shower before

  • Cover your nose and mouth

  • Understand anything anal is HIGH RISK

  • Kissing is also HIGH RISK

  • Keep the space ventilated

  • Use all the above CDC guidelines when possible

That's truly the best I can offer and is more than I've seen from anyone anywhere. My original career path was as a sex educator and we currently make lube. So, this one is of particular interest.



a panorama of ford lake

Look I hate being locked in the house when the weather is nice. Of course, you want to limit outings, but when you need, go find a deserted park and talk a walk. I recently took a stroll around my local Ford Lake Park and felt a world better about all this uncertainty. I was there, alone. In this new world, that means safe. There was a swan in a nest, a turtle, and pair of ducks. I was in heaven and forgot about the pandemic for a while. 10/10 would recommend  


Thanks for being here with me. Take this seriously. Keep yourself safe.


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