A boring life is a luxury

A boring life is a luxury

Life is not like the movies, it's boring. This is a fact that most of us have come to accept over time, but many remain under the delusion that they’re the main character in a genre film. We've all grown up watching an idealized version of life, filled with excitement, adventure, and romance. From Disney to Tyler Perry to Michael Bay to the grave. But the reality of life is quite different. It's often mundane, repetitive, and can even be a bit monotonous at times. But this is not a bad thing.

In fact, it's quite the opposite. The stability that comes with a somewhat boring life is actually a good thing. It means that we have a routine, that we have stability, and that we are not constantly dealing with upheaval and change. This is literally civilization at work. We could be worrying about firewood, food, water, shelter, wolves, snakes, raiders, winter, falls, infant mortality and literally every other natural problem but we’ve mostly made that kind of discomfort a thing of the past.

Thankfully, the tasks for modern survival are much simpler and safer to the point of boredom. It's in these moments of routine, stability, and boredom that we can develop a sense of maturity and a sense of responsibility to maintain the peace. We can truly appreciate what people have worked, fought, and died for. We can also reset our idea of what a good life looks like apart from where we grew up.

When you grow up feeling insecure, it feels like love and comfort. Often when we start to settle down, we yearn for the rush of chaos that is our emotional home. Even when we think we’re “breaking generational curses” we’re often just repeating them from the other side feeling justified because now we understand. Your job is to let the new system of life work how it wants to work and don’t fuck with it to fit an image. Until you’re shown, you won’t have any idea what a real stable adult life looks like. Find a partner and follow their lead.

We are often bombarded with images of what happiness should look like. We see commercials and advertisements that tell us that if we buy a certain product, we'll be happy. However, this is not true. Happiness can be bought but a lifelong sense of accomplishment and purpose requires hard work and not just in the classroom and workplace. The media creates a trap to keep us in a buying loop, to keep us constantly seeking out the next product that will make us happy. But the reality is that what you’re looking for is found in 4 walls, 3 square meals, 2 fullfilled hobbies, and at least one person who has sworn their duty to work with us through life.

As we grow older, we start to realize that the media no longer caters to us. Once we hit 25, we are no longer the target audience. This can leave us feeling abandoned, lonely and without the sense of family feeling the media gave us when we were younger. A feeling we didn’t even recognize but filled us with so much hubris we didn’t see the truth. But the truth is that we don't need the media to create a sense of family. We need media to inform us of the weather and give us something pointless to debate passionately with the people we cherish.

Influencers are the biggest modern culprit of idealized life. They portray a lifestyle that is often unattainable for the average person, they don’t even have it usually. They are either faking their lifestyles or getting them through someone else for superficial reasons. Yes, I’m calling them sex workers because they usually are. They simply use the perks of the job to build online followings, get more clients, and brand deals. Cynicism isn’t normally my advice but influencing as a job is cynical by it’s very nature.

These people are salesmen, nothing more. That TX bee lady, liver king, TooTurnTony, Kardashians, Andrew Tate, Tricia Patyas, all these talking heads are nothing more than Billy Mays in a prettier package. They’re selling flat tummy tea, fantasies, lies, scams, and OnlyFans. Real rewards come from hard work, and even today, a cellphone doesn't make you special. In fact, it makes you normie af. Everybody Is on Tiktok. Everybody can make an AliExpress lash and bundle boutique. Your MLM is not the one that’ll actually work. Crypto is not the key to Bugatti and they are shitty cars anyway.

We need to reset our sights to a realistic level and understand that luxury is called luxury for a reason. We need to stop comparing ourselves to influencers and understand that their lives are not necessarily better than ours. In fact, they getting flewed out, flooded in and deserted at the airport. This shit is not glamorous. Once they turn off the camera, they’re going back to their basic ass apartment just like the rest of us. Stop watching them hoping to find the key out of normalcy and appreciate that we live in the most comfortable, free, safe time ever to exist in American history.

The reality is that hard work and family is what brings us real rewards in life. That will never change. It's not about iPhones, bundles, & villas with 6-figure-niggas. It's about quiet nights on the couch, your one night out a year, your new washer, destroying your cousin’s will to live in Smash Bros, and your cat getting the zoomies at 2am. It’s about quickies while the kids nap, lazy Sundays, BBQ and content silence. It’s about hating each other’s guts and still never taking it too far. It’s about knowing where home is and protecting at all costs. That’s the good shit right there. The pump it straight into my veins, shove it up my ass and drown me in it kind of good stuff.

Life is not like the movies, and that's a good thing. The stability that comes with a somewhat boring life is good thing. It means that we have a routine, that we have stability, and that we are not constantly dealing with upheaval and change. Happiness can be bought, but life satisfaction and community can’t. It's something that we must work towards, harder than anything else.

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