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Pregnancy Survival Kit 👶

Pregnancy Survival Kit 👶

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Survive the next 9 months in style with this curated pack to soothe the most common ails!

Why palm grease? - If you’re planning a vaginal/natural birth, fisting is a great way to build pelvic/vaginal strength, prevent tearing, prepare your for the emotional sensations and help spiritualize this oft stressful experience. Add Palm Grease for this practice.

Why Bruise Soother? - Easy bruising, sore nipples are common early signs of pregnancy.


A relaxing cream rub to help with irritability, tummy issues, cramps, excess water retention, tension, hot flashes, sleep issues, and all those disquieting symptoms of hormonal dysregulation.

  • Typically a 2oz jar is enough for a month of irregular usage.

  • Shelf Life is 1 Year min.

  • 100% vegan

  • Compare to The Honey Pot Soothing Body Balm 2oz for $35.99

  • Suggested usage: Apply over belly, lower back, any achy or bloated area and take a breather. Works well in conjunction with a heating pad or hot water bottle. Also works great as a bath melt.


Say hello to elevated bruise aftercare, however you got them. By popular demand, Bruise Soother Butters w/ home-slow-cold-extracted arnica & calendula is here for the clumsy, kinky, post-surgical, and easy to bruise among you!

  •  2oz jar

  • Shelf life is 1 Year min.

  • Alcohol, paraben, silicone, wheat, and bullshit free

  • Usage: Apply a thin layer up to 3x daily. Melt between hands and apply to area. Rub in will help it absorb but if that’s too much just let it melt on you. Great to use before or after a massage or as kink play aftercare. External usage only.


A refreshing and energizing hydrating cream for your weary feet. Whether you're getting a massage or simply moisturizing, you'll love this creamy blend. Infused with my unique blend of organic lemongrass, eucalyptus, peppermint, & lemon essential oils you'll also love what it does for your stress and malaise. Hint: gently eases it away.

  • 4oz Bottle should last approx. 4 months

  • Shelf Life is min. 1 Year

  • Compare to O’Keeffe’s foot cream for Healthy feet 3.2 oz for $17 :(

  • Alcohol, paraben, silicone, wheat, and bullshit free

  • Instruction: After bathing and while feet are still damp, slather them in the foot cream. Put on some fuzzy or thick socks so your feet can absorb the product. Feet should feel incredibly soft.


Helps your skin re-inflate with moisture, nutrients, and greater elasticity. Whether you're minimizing or preventing stretch marks, scarring, discoloration, rough texture, fine lines, thin skin, or callus development, Tummy Butter has your tummy (and every other part) covered!

  • 2oz jar typical usage is approx.1.5 months for the entire body or approx. 3 months for specific areas.

  • Shelf LIfe is 1 Year

  • Compare to Palmers Cocoa Butter Tummy Butter for Pregnancy Stretch Marks

  • 100% vegan, organic, natural,as always never tested on animals

  • Instructions: Apply as often as you like. Massage in and allow to soak in. Safe head to toe. Great for the scalp and hair as well.

  • External use only

(optional) the butters: lube - palm grease for d*ck stroking, fist f*cking, and other high viscosity needs - 4oz

An ultra-thick lube made for extended stroke sessions & working your various holes to new depths & diameters.  Palm Grease has a velvety texture, high melt point, blends with your natural juices, conditions tissues to add stretch/prevent tears including softening rough hands/nails. Plus, it’s all-natural fatty acids will even skin tones, reduce wrinkles, blemishes and help your skin heal faster from your use.

Your choice:

the butters: lube w/ cocoa butter (soy & palm free) - 4oz

An all-natural oil-based personal lubricant. Formulated to be safe in all body orifices and perform better than anything you've tired before. Now fully hypoallergenic and palm oil-free.

the butters: lube - 4oz

*New look. New techniques. Same Recipe & Price.* An all-natural oil-based personal lubricant. Designed for skin to skin contact. Formulated to be safe in all body orifices and perform better than anything you've tried before. This is my #1 all time creation.

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