Like my mum, I'm super scent sensitive, even though I friggin love them. So, while I take my moisturizer and lotions unscented, I still want something nose grabbing to wear on the daily. Now, that I'm running The Butters, I wanted to see if I could do better than the forgettable sprays and colognes I tried in the past. I certainly did.


The Butters Signature Eau De Parfums are thrilling, surprising, fresh, and pure. Most scents are overly complicated with a million layers of complicated olfactory science. I made scents that truly smell great, are inoffensive-yet-inviting and last all damn day. That's really what most of us want from our scents anyway.


Perfumes are often thought to be the feminine version on colonge. In fact, the word simply refers to the amount of scent oil in the mixture. The Butters Signature Eau De Parfums are handcrafted with 35% scent oils. That concentration is diluted enough to be safe for skin, but allow the scent to last all day.

Body sprays only have about 1%, toilettes about 7%, colognes 12%, and most perfumes come in at about 20%. As you can see, I'm giving you much more for your dollar. In fact, the other 65% is simply grapeseed oil and/or raw organic honey. There's no alcohol, parabens, or water. You're getting scents andmoisture, conditioning in a durable container, with a precise roller ball applicator for just $7. It's an amazing deal on amazing smells and I'm glad to be able to share them with you!