How Lenovo Active Pen (GX80K32882) works as alternative to Surface Pen for Surface Pro 3 or 4

Lenovo Active Pen on Surface Pro 3 Keyboard

If you’re searching for an alternative active pen or digitized stylus for your Surface Pro 3, Surface 3, or Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book, the Lenovo Active Pen is definitely not it. Sure, it’s well designed, well weighted, plus it feels great in the hand, but it it’s simply not compatible with the Microsoft Surface line.

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All Surface products from Surface Pro 2 through 2017 new Surface Pro use N-Trig technology. The Lenovo Active Pen uses Wacom’s technology like the Surface Pro 2. Unfortunately, it appears that Lenovo’s active stylus will not work on the Surface Pro 2 or 1.

If you want a replacement active pen or stylus for your Surface Pro 3/4, Surface Book, Surface Studio, Surface Pro or Surface 3,  you’ll need to find the Asus N-trig pen or another generic N-trig pen. There’s an option directly from N-trig but there’s at least 2 more options on Amazon, including the Wacom Bamboo Ink, which is compatible with the Surface N-trig technology.

This is the unit I bought. This is not an affiliate link:

Lenovo Active Capacity Pens for Touchscreen Laptop (GX80K32882)