34 Reasons The Butters Hygienics Co. is clearly better

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Health & Hygiene

Done waaaaaaay better.

There's thousands of hygiene beauty brands in the US alone. So, it's important for you to know why one is better than the other. When it comes The Butters Hygienics Co. there's way more reasons than I knew or even intended.

Side note: How often do we really take stock of what's great about ourselves and what we do. When you're done maybe take a moment to appreciate yourself. I know I felt a lot more proud my little Butters that could than ever. 

  1. Everything I make helps your body become and stay healthy, not mimic it
  2. Everything I make is incredibly versatile, with usually about 4 different uses per item
  3. Still, my products actually do what they say they will
  4. Mainly becase I only use well-studied/science-backed ingredients
  5. Everything on the label is ALWAYS what's actually in the bottle
  6. The featured ingredient is always in a generous portion
  7. Still, my pricing is affordable for people working minimumwage
  8. Everything is handmade at home in small batches
  9. Yet still produced to ServSafe food safety standards
  10. I never use mass produced bases
  11. I only use original simple recipes
  12. "A little goes a long way" applies to everything I make
  13. I don't add any fillers
  14. Yes, that includes no: silicones, parabeans, alcohols, or bullsh*t
  15. Everything is freshly made
  16. They smell amazing
  17. Unscented versions available upon request
  18. No added preservatives
  19. Everything is non-toxic
  20. 100% natural & vegan
  21. Everything (other than soaps) is completely edible
  22. Most things are free of wheat & its sneaky by-products
  23. Plus, all allergen cross contamination is also tightly controlled
  24. Everything is tested on humans only
  25. Human testers are of a wide range of genders & ethnicities
  26. The Butters is owned and run by one person
  27. I'm a young, fat, fuctionally impovrished black, gay, nappy, medicated-yet-chronically depressed & anxious guy from Ypsilanti, MI who knows what it's really like to find so few things truly made for me.
  28. I'm focused fulfilling underserved individual needs
  29. Incredible customer service directly with the owner/maker
  30. Your feedback directly leads to new or reworked products
  31. Clearance products are given away locally to those in need
  32. No trendy products, I'm making classics you can rely on forever
  33. Even if I discontinue the product, I'm always happy make it just for you
  34. Your money is used smartly, with as little waste as possible