"The Butters is hands down the best sex lube I have ever tested" - Review & Interview

Remember what I wrote a few weeks ago about the Magic Wand vibrator? Since I focus on the uncommon parts of sexuality, I generally don’t get to play the sex blogger game where some company sends you a sex toy (and, very occasionally, paltry hush-hush pocket money) and you rant ecstatically about the wonders of yet another rubber cock or a vibe that is identical to millions before it. That sort of stuff is just off the scope of this website, so I was really surprised when a perfect stranger wrote me offering a free sample of his product even if he knew I wouldn’t review it – just to let an influencer know about it.

Now, to say I was skeptic is a gross understatement. Reading the guy’s website it turned out he had merely been working on an artisanal – or possibly homemade – sex lube, so the result could hardly be innovative or any better than the high-tech, silicone-based stuff created in big pharmaceutical labs with millions of R&D money thrown at it. My initial mental picture of a delusional maker however faltered as I researched his endearing quest for the perfect lubricant.

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An Intro to Bath Bombs & Fizzies: What they are and what they're good for

The question of what bath bombs are and what they're good for has come up a lot. Until my sweetie started begging me to make some for them, I hadn't actually bothered figure it all out. Having just released my new collection of bath bombs in The Butters: Beauty, Health, & Hygiene shop, it's safe to say I've also fallen in love with the fizzy little buggers.

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Fluting Around: Detroit Native Returns For 'Golden' Show

Combing through Detroit's musical history will bring sounds of booming Motown vocals, hypnotic electronic flares and earth-shaking hip-hop thumps. With that rich stream of legendary sound pumping from the city, a little boy with the passion for his instrument is hardly marquee grabbing.

Yet, somehow, openly gay, African-American flautist Eric Lamb found a way to impress ears from here to the Czech Republic.

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Gay Pageant Makes Michigan Debut: Miss Gay Great Lakes America To Serve Integrity, Class And Insane Competition

To a lot of people, drag pageants seem like a childish hobby for the self-absorbed. For those in the know, pageants are part sport, part community service. It's a game where the cleats are stilettoes and the only stats that matter are beauty, glamour, elegance, sophistication, talent, class and a desire to do good within your community.

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