Core Collection of Bath Bombs

My latest collection features a new easier to clean recipe that's fizzier and more colorful, too!


Darkest Night Bath Bomb
4.50 5.09

My new Darkest Night bath bomb features new ultra deep purple and blue color that spreads across your bath water like unstoppable darkness. I uses scent #10 Cactus flower - uncommon, sweet, dark, clean. Just like all my bombs they feature the butters original moisturizer AND Mediterranean sea salt.

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Cashmere Moon Bath Bomb (2 pack) *NEW ELECTRIC PURPLE COLOR*
4.50 5.55

My new Cashmere Moon Bath Bomb is a sensual treat. The color is a soothing violet. The scent is the eponymous and ultra smooth cashmere moon.

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Be Delicious (Granny Smith) Bath Bomb - 2-pack

My Be Delicious bath bomb features a bright jewel-like green color and smells like you just took a bite from a fresh green apple. It features shea butter, epsom salt, and my new v3 bomb recipe, which is fizzier and leaves your tub cleaner.

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Crystal Gem Bath Bombs

When adding crystals to your collection, it's important to cleanse its energies. One of the best ways is to connect with them in water. What better way to do that than through a warm relaxing bath. My crystal bath bombs offer a perfect bonding and cleansing experience for you and your new gem stone. 

Garnet "Warmth" Bath Bomb II w/ tea tree essential oil, activated charcoal
5.30 6.12

Garnet is loving, warm, devoted, and connected. She's also honest, open, and definitely stronger than most. To capture her essence, I chose a black color which swirls into a deep purple or plum hue. In the bomb itself, there's lots of black scarlet glitter. Plus, the top is encrusted with red glitter because it looks amazing! The color variation reflects the various colors you find in natural garnet.

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Rose Quartz "Love" II Bath Bomb - 2 pack
5.25 6.09

My new Rose Quartz bath bomb is such a treat! The crystal is said to enhance one's ability to love, open the love chakra and make that love more energetic! To capture that spirit, I mixed pink sparkle mica and a bright rose pink color, plus red gold shimmer to add depth. 

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Happy Hanukkah! Bath Bomb (2-PACK) - Chag Chanukah Sameach! חנוכה שמח
5.75 6.66

Gorgeous blue plus brown sugar, fig, vanilla, and butter. The very best of traditional desserts. Plus raw honey, cocoa butter and holographic silver glitter!